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LAST PIECES Vol.1 #everydaylife

LAST PIECES Vol.1 #everydaylife

Sales are already on, and you've been searching for the perfect bag to invest for this winter? Explore our FW1718 Sporos Limited Collection and find the last pieces left on super sale!
Ippolito is famous for its backpacks. Structured and linear, modern and classic at the same time, they're ideally practical for your everyday needs.
There's a last Stem Backpack in Soil & Black in Large left and also a last medium piece, in Mud & Black. Which one do you prefer? 

How about messenger bags? Spacious enough to carry your essentials, but also discreet enough to compliment your business outfit. 

Black is the number one option. Two last pieces of Chest Messenger in Total Black are available on sale.

How about a touch of colour? One last piece of our best-seller Chest Messenger in Grape & Black left, on sale.


And don't forget, everything's on sale!

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