Summer Picnic Basket

Posted: Jun 10 2017

Aren't Sundays ideal for a quick getaway picnic? Or, even if you can't escape the city, there are many places to enjoy the sun with good company and some even better treats.

Here's a list of what you should definitely include in your picnic basket for a really yummy experience:


- Summer fruits, such as cherries, melons and apricots, or even better a fresh fruit salad with all these combined ;)


- Detox water to stay fresh and cool under the sun. Cut and put some ginger, cucumber, lemon slices along with some spearmint leaves into a bottle of water and leave it all night to prepare the perfect purifying and cooling water.


- Cheese and crackers are the easiest way to snack without the fuss of cooking. Choose some parmesan or goat cheese and for a gourmet twist spread some marmelade, too.


- Pack some bottles of Prosecco in case you want to spice things up a little bit or call it a night.


Don't forget to bring your hat, sunglasses and also use sunscreen, Ippolito lovers.

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