Posted: Aug 05 2017

In a few days Ippolito girls are hitting the beach, so this is your last chance to purchase that bag you've been flirting lately, before the summer's over ;)


Time to get your hands on that classic Sui you've always wanted. Tabac or Mud, for a safer, all-time classic option, or maybe the Sun one, to upgrade your summer style? Last pieces of each, on sale! 


Backpack lover? Whether you love your bag structured and linear, like the May Backpack piece, or more soft and practical, like the Nis, you shouldn't wait anymore. These are our last pieces.



As for those who want to carry just the necessary, there are many ippolito options for you. Eda mini's classic hues, the Slip's minimal aesthetics, or the pouch, for a little extra space, in Mustard or in Light Blue linen? You choose but hurry up, we have only one piece of each left.


Who doesn't want to be stylish on their vacation, anyway?

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